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The name

Opal Lotus gained it’s name sake from the mystics of the opal stone and ancient symbolism of the lotus flower.

It is an impression Janice hopes to share with her clients and colleagues alike. A space of positivity, inspiration to create and work and share art.

Opals are known to display a flashy rainbow of colors as they reflect light. This characteristic is also know as color-play.

In a mystical sense the opal has been said to enhance cosmic consciousness and creativity. This is a great representation of the eclectic atmosphere at Opal Lotus Tattoo studio. Artwork from many cultures and styles are brought together in harmony. Pleasing to the eye and evoking to the imagination.

With roots gaining stability in even the muddiest waters, a lotus rises above to produce a perfectly clean and vibrant bloom. The lotus flower is regarded in many ancient cultures as a symbol of rebirth, self-regeneration, hope and strength.

Opal Lotus

Our Mission

This studio is a place for everyone who loves tattoos, piercings and art.

You don’t need to be an artistic person to enjoy and wear art. Art is what we specialize in so you can rest assured you are in good hands. From the concept stage to fully healed. We are here to help guide you through the entire process of your next body art project.

Not only do we care about our clients but we care greatly about the tattooers and piercers who work in the Opal Lotus studio. We believe that artists need a clean, organized, work place backed with consistent management and fluid team work. In this environment we will be able to serve and produce the best work for our clients.

Our team of artists will ensure each customer has a memorable experience with us through our friendly customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to safety.

Our Vision

To provide the ultimate tattoo experience in Houston and Katy, creating exceptional, meaningful art while celebrating and honoring individuality.

quality FIRST

Passion. Pride. People.

We are excited about making you look and feel your best. At Opal Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Shop, we have a strong commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service, quality artwork, and professionalism. Our talented team of artists take pride in their craft and strive to make each tattoo or piercing uniquely special for you.

We arepassionate about creating meaningful tattoos that reflect each person’s individuality. We understand the emotional significance of getting a tattoo and strive to make sure that every experience is special and unforgettable. Our artists use their immense talent and creativity to bring our clients’ visions to life on their skin. We take the time to get to know each client, listening carefully to ensure we capture the perfect design for them.

Thank you for being apart of opal lotus

Ladies of lotus

Join my growing wall of the beautiful Ladies of Lotus with me.  Thank you so much for contributing to Opal Lotus’ success and future endeavors.