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In order to be able to deliver extraordinary customer service, it is important for any company that wants to do business with tattooers to be successful. Therefore, it is essential to exceed the expectations of all clients that work with tattoo artists. When clients come to Tattoo Art, their bodies will be decorated in ways that will leave them feeling incredibly beautiful.

I can’t speak highly enough about Janice. She’s done six tattoos for me and I’ve been overly pleased with each of them. I get these bright ideas for tattoos, she listens and makes them come to life. Her studio is beautiful, very neat and clean. Highly recommend.

Tia Thomas

I love love love this shop. Janice, the head artist and owner, is a fantastic artist and so personable. The piercer Ariel is so talented and this was one of the least painful experiences I’ve had getting pierced and she was very thorough with the after care. They’re always open to communicate with me regarding any work or questions I might have! I highly recommend getting any work here.

Megan Butcher

Opal Lotus is a great shop; fresh and clean! I definitely recommend this place for beginners – tattoo shops can be “overwhelming”, but Opal has a quaint and cute aesthetic.

Great experience, will absolutely get more from her!

Rhett Hamilton

Frequently Asked Questions

View our full FAQs Section to answer any questions you have about our tattooing process

This is why it is our number one Frequently Asked Questions. The simple answer is that it does. It’s not as easy as people would like you to believe. Your body’s natural painkillers (endorphins), will kick in after a short time and make it easier. The time these endorphins stay in your body is what will determine how long you can keep a tattoo session going. It usually takes between 2-3 hours, and then you’ll feel extremely uncomfortable.

Many people compare tattoo pain to a mild burning sensation or cat scratch. But, where the tattoo is placed will determine how much it hurts. Any area that is directly above bone will be sensitive, including the feet, hands and head as well. This is the list of most painful spots. A large muscle can protect sensitive areas such as the forearm and upper-arm. This will make it easier to find a more painless spot. However, every person’s pain threshold is different so there aren’t any hard and fast answers.

It does not make sense to tattoo as quickly as possible. Two to three hours to finish a relatively simple tattoo that is the size of one hand is usually enough to create a decent looking piece. It may take up to 10 hours to finish a piece of work that takes several sittings. Many professional tattoo artists need to work very long hours before creating their artwork. Sometimes a tattoo artist will only need a few hours to complete a complex piece. Some pieces may only require a 30-minute appointment. It can take many hours for a skilled artist to complete a full sleeve.

It will cost more to get great ink than just getting a cheap tattoo. A great artist does not come for very little money. Sometimes, it may become necessary to spend more money later, if something needs to be done to cover up some of the ink or if a laser is used to remove some of the ink. Keep some money saved up to afford the things that people really want to buy. When that happens, the ink that the artist offers will not be available for sale. Don’t settle. Just for the sake of having it done now, it will not be a decision that will affect how long it will take for the rest of the time.