Tattoo Styles

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and show off your unique style. But with so many different types of tattoos out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. We’ll explore different types of tattoo styles and their meanings, so that you can find the perfect design for you!

“Tattoos are a beautiful way to tell your unique story and express yourself in a unique and meaningful way.”

Traditional Tattoo Styles

In the traditional tattoo style, the designs are inspired by the works of some of the most renowned tattoo artists of the past. These include Bert Grimm, George Burchett, and Sailor Jerry. Such traditional tattoos are often done in bold and vibrant colors and motifs. American traditional tattoos are a popular form of this style and have distinctive features such as bright colors, outlines, and shading. Tribal tattoos are another type of traditional tattoos, but they have a more modernized look. The post-modern patterns used in these designs make them very attractive.

Japanese Tattoo Styles

Japanese tattoos are one of the most special ones in the world. Traditional Japanese tattoo styles, such as Irezumi and Wabori, are rich in symbolism and feature large scale motifs. Common designs include Japanese folkloric figures, masks, Buddhist deities, famed samurai, tigers, snakes and koi fish. Classic American tattoo styles derive from the Japanese design, such as bright colors, ocean elements and symbols of courage. If you’re looking for something unique and meaningful, Japanese tattoos are definitely something to consider.

Geometric Tattoo Styles

If you’re looking for something a little more abstract and structured, then a geometric tattoo may be the right fit for you. Geometric designs usually symbolize order, harmony, and stability, especially if you’re using simple geometric shapes. Different geometric tattoo shapes have different meanings in nature, such as circles representing relationships and community. The Geometric tattoo style focuses on lines and shapes, from simple shape to elaborate patterns, or turning everyday things geometric. Whether its linework or dotwork, this contemporary tattoo style can be used to create stunning pieces of art. Every shape will be the best option for your geometry tattoo; you have endless possibilities when it comes to geometric shapes.

Floral Tattoo Styles

Tattoo lovers who are looking to make a statement with their body art should consider floral tattoos. There are many different types of flower tattoos out there, from the classic rose tattoo to the delicate lotus flower tattoo. Each flower has its own meaning and symbolism, so it is important to do your research before getting a tattoo. Popular flower designs include the plum blossom, amaryllis, arbutus, aster, azalea, begonia, bells of Ireland, bird of paradise, and bittersweet. Regardless of your chosen design, floral tattoos can make a stunning statement on any part of the body. A variety bouquet of several different flowers can be used to create an eye-catching design. For a truly unique look, you can check out Instagram for some inspiring ideas from talented tattoo artists like Rob Steele.

Neo Traditional Tattoo Styles

When it comes to tattoos, Neo Traditional style is an increasingly popular choice. It takes inspiration from traditional American tattoos, and adds a modern twist. Neo Traditional tattoos feature bold lines, an illustrative look, and highly saturated modern colors. These tattoos often depict portraits of individuals or animals, framed in intricate designs. They are drawn with clear outlines, and use a variety of line weights and color palettes to create a feeling of subtle dimension. Neo Traditional tattoos are bold and vibrant, making sure they capture the attention of viewers.

Blackwork Tattoo Styles

Neo traditional tattoos draw inspiration from ancient tribal art, and blackwork tattoos incorporate bold, solid, black ink and intentional negative space. Blackwork is one of the most popular tattoo styles today, as it can be seen in a variety of styles. From heavy gray shading to crisp all-black designs, blackwork tattoos evoke a powerful aesthetic. Popular examples include snakes, abstract geometric shapes, and post-modern patterns. Whatever your preference, blackwork tattoos are sure to make a statement.

Watercolor Tattoo Styles

When it comes to tattoo styles, watercolor tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. This unique style of tattooing involves the use of bright colors blended together to create a vivid and eye-catching design. Watercolor tattoos are often inspired by paintings, with the colors and shapes delicately blended together to create an artistic look. These tattoos also lack the traditional black outline, making them perfect for those looking for something more subtle and delicate. It takes a special talent to be able to create a beautiful watercolor tattoo, as it requires a different method of tattooing, similar to painting with watercolors. Watercolor tattoos are a great choice for both men and women, with many choosing to get images like tigers or flowers to represent strength and beauty.

New School Tattoo Styles

Moving on to New School tattoos, this style has been making its presence felt since the late 1970s and early 1980s. It has been influenced by some features of old school tattooing in the United States with a distinct graffiti or cartoonish element. Vivid colors, bold line work and often a pop culture reference are all hallmarks of New School tattoos. Bubble lettering is the main text style used in this style and it is enhanced with the use of bright, vibrant color schemes and often eye-catching subject matter. It is a modern evolution of an old age tradition for decorating one’s body, being inspired by the pop culture of the 70s and 80s. Themes such as cartoon characters, comics and other pop culture references are common in this style.

Black and Grey Tattoo Styles

Black and Grey Tattoo Styles are one of the most popular styles, as it allows for a variety of designs and looks to suit just about any taste. Black and grey tattoos can range from realism to illustrative, traditional to Neo Traditional, and even watercolor, as the use of black and grey gives the artist more freedom to create. Negative space tattoos also fall under the black and grey style, as it allows for a modern, edgy look.

Cover Up Tattoos

Cover up tattoos are a great way to hide any unwanted tattoos, and there are numerous options available. While black ink is the most effective color for covering up an old tattoo, there are other options like makeup and jewelry that can be used in a pinch. Skulls and roses are a popular combination for cover up tattoos, as the combination of romance, honor, life and death all wrapped into one tattoo is a powerful statement. Additionally, look for animals or mythological beasts with scales or feathers to create an eye-catching tattoo design. For those looking to make their old tattoo more interesting, consider adding new elements to recreate the theme. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect cover up tattoo!

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