Depending on which flower you choose, the meaning of a floral tattoo in most cultures will vary. Our favorite, is the Lotus Tattoo.  American culture has a lot to do with flowers like the roses and the tulips. These two tattoos appear to be the most popular. However, if you travel to the far East, you will find other flowers are some of your best options.

Irezumi, or traditional Japanese Tattooing, uses lotus flowers as powerful symbols. They are used in all types of traditional tattooing. It’s beautiful and offers a meaning-rich symbol for the person who gets it. The modern lotus flower is very popular for tattoos. It’s beautiful and there are many meanings of lotus flowers. This is a great tattoo for both men and ladies, as there are many designs to choose from. You can also get a small or large tattoo depending on your requirements.

This article will focus on the lotus and its significance. We will discuss the meaning of the lotus tattoo and what it represents for those who have this tattoo permanently inked. We hope you can gain a better understanding of this beautiful flower’s meaning by the time this post is over. It may even inspire you to get your very own lotus flower tattoo.

About the Lotus Flower

The lotus is an aquatic plant of the genus Nelumbo. The lotus is not only popular in Asia but it’s also very popular in other east countries. In India, the lotus flower is the nation’s flower. This beautiful flower is found in Australia’s southern regions, but it can also be found around the globe. Lotus flowers can be found in shallow lakes and ponds, which are not exposed to direct sunlight. The lotus flower will not survive in the cold. The lotus symbolizes purity, grace, serenity and beauty. We’ll go into more detail below.

Although it isn’t a tall lotus, it can spread its wings. Although it is only 49 inches tall, it can grow to over 10 feet across. Each lotus flower has a maximum diameter of 8 inches. They are often found in either pink or white, with their petals shaped like a knife. Layers are the best thing about lotus flowers. The flower can lift many inches above the surface of the water. Their leaves have paddle-shaped shapes and can grow to 20 inches. Some of these leaves are below and others underwater, but all of them have air pockets in their leaves that keep them floating on the water.

One of the coolest things about the lotus is that it opens in the morning and closes at night. Therefore, it is not surprising that it represents the sun or creation, as well as rebirth. Egyptians believed that the lotus’s behavior was a sign of the beginning and the end of the day.
Rhizomes help the lotus flower attach itself to ground. Rhizome will insert itself into the dirt to anchor the lotus.

History of Lotus Flower

There are many fossils of the lotus plant that date back many decades. Some claim they were alive up to 145 million years ago. Both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres were areas where the lotus flower was. As the Earth cooled down over the years, the habitat for the lotus flower slowly disappeared. This was because of the Ice Ages that took place between 2,000,000 and 10,000 Years ago. It is possible to find remanences of this flower anywhere from Japan and Iran. It also traveled from Australia and Inia to its habitat, so that it could grow in any place.

Lotus Tattoo Meaning

The lotus flowers are very common in Eastern cultures because they have many meanings. While the lotus flowers are equally popular in India and Egypt, as well as Asia, Egypt, the United States, they have seen significant growth in recent years.

The lotus symbolizes a new beginning as well as estranged love. Both meanings can be used, but some people prefer to use both. One who is ready to begin a new chapter of their lives will choose to use the “new starting” lotus flower tattoo meaning. If the meaning is “Estranged Love”, then the person will want the tattoo as a reminder to not repeat past mistakes.

In mythology, legends, as well as in religious texts, the lotus flower is mentioned. People who prefer to use lesser-known tattoo meanings will appreciate the fact they can choose a lotus from one of these texts and have it drawn exactly as they wish. These meanings are typically more personal, and the lotus flower tattoo is placed on a private area of the body.

The Padma of the Hindu religion is the lotus. This flower is associated to many deities such as Vishnu, Brahma, and has a special meaning. This flower represented purity and beauty of God. The expanse of its leaves symbolizes the expanding soul or a spiritual awakening. Because the Padma is thought to contain 1,000 of these lotus flowers, it is common to depict them with lots of petals.

Buddhism holds a strong association with the lotus flower. It represents purity of spirit, mind, and body. Eight petals represent the Eightfold Path. While a lotus flower tattoo would be great for someone who practices Buddhism, it could also suit others who are more open to these meanings. The lotus flower tattoo could have additional Buddhist imagery.

In Sri Lanka, the lotus symbolizes discipline and virtue according to ancient scripts. These are vital qualities for many people in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that both meanings of lotus flower tattoos are extremely popular. Lotus flower tattoos can be very inspirational for anyone who has had difficulty practicing self-control throughout their lives. It can also be a lotus flowers tattoo, meaning someone who teaches self-control, such as a high-ranking military officer.

The lotus flower can be seen in Asian and Indian cultures as the divine feminine. This symbol is often used to represent the female anatomy. Many women view the lotus as an ideal object to display their pride as females. It is not unusual for women to have a lotus-flower tattoo together with other popular images of femininity to express their pride and joy in their sex.

The meanings of lotus flower tattoos vary depending on which lotus flower is used. Below are some of these most popular tattoo colors.

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