If you’re looking for the best Japanese tattoos for men, search no further. Here you’ll learn about the different types of Japanese tattoo designs that are out there, as well as which one is the best for you. No matter how much you love Japan, it’s unlikely that anybody has ever given you a second glance unless you had a japanese tattoo. The Japanese have an obsession with tattoos and have been getting them in abundance since time immemorial. There are still many places in Japan where people do not look kindly on seeing somebody with a tattoo of any kind on their body. That being said, with these awesome Japanese tattoos for men, we hope that your love for this beautiful country will be visible from afar!

What is a Japanese Tattoo?

Japanese tattoos, or shirasaya as they are called in Japanese, is a type of tattoo that has been traditionally created by using water and ink. When it was first introduced to Japan, there were many different designs that the Japanese people wanted to incorporate into their clothing and hair. The tradition of wearing these tattoos with the clothing and hairstyle started in Kofu during the 12th century. Nowadays, there are a lot of different types of Japanese tattoos for men but the most popular design is probably the dragon tattoo or mono yuko. It is this particular design that you will find almost everywhere in Japan by simply looking out your window at somebody walking down the street. Another great traditional Japanese tattoo design for men is the chrysanthemum which represents peace and prosperity. With all these designs on offer, it makes sense why Japanese tattoos have become so popular!

Traditional Japanese Tattoos for Men

The traditional Japanese tattoos for men typically consist of a large, bold, black ink tattoo on the upper back. They are typically auspicious and symbolic in nature. We have included an illustration below of a traditional Japanese tattoo design that is not too complicated.

Meaningful Japanese Tattoos for Men

There are a lot of different types of Japanese tattoos for men. Some popular designs include the kanji in the traditional Chinese writing style, which can be translated as “tattoo” or “scarification.” You could also get a tattoo with your family name that expresses your love for your country. Or if you’re just looking to get yourself a unique tattoo, there are plenty of beautiful Japanese tattoos that don’t require much thought. One thing to keep in mind is that Japanese tattoos take time and commitment to complete. They usually end up costing more than what you might expect because of all the handwork involved, but that doesn’t mean you should hesitate to get one done! With so many beautiful designs out there, it’s easy to find a design that really speaks to you.

The Best Japanese tattoos for Men

The best Japanese tattoos for men are the ones that are personal and unique to you. Find something that is significant to you, whether it is your favorite color or a significant moment in your life. These tattoos can be small or large in size and done on different parts of the body. Some other things that are important when choosing a japanese tattoo for men are the artist’s design skills and experience, as well as their location so you can choose an artist nearby. Pay attention to their portfolio to get an idea of their style, such as abstract designs, traditional designs, and realism. Artists who create realistic-looking pieces have more experience and will do an excellent job at inking your skin with lifelike detail. The more realistic the tattoo appears, the longer it may take to heal. Some artists use temporary ink while others use permanent ink that lasts up to 5 years without fading or peeling off of your skin.

Sumo Wrestling Tattoos for Men

Sumo wrestling is considered a national sport in Japan and has been for centuries. There are many Japanese tattoos that feature sumo wrestlers, such as the aforementioned sumo wrestler tattoos for men. Sumo wrestling tattoos are considered to be one of the best Japanese tattoos for men because they showcase a rich cultural tradition that is still practiced today. It’s often said that without sumo wrestling, Japan would not be what it is today. Another great option for a man who loves Japan and wants to show off his love with a tattoo is the dragon tattoo. The dragon tattoo symbolizes the fire-breathing creature of pure power, which is appropriate considering how important sumo wrestling is in traditional Japanese culture.

Shinto Shrine Tattoos for Men

If you’re looking for a Japanese tattoo design that is appropriate for both men and women, then your best bet is to go with the shinto shrine tattoo design. This Japanese tattoo design has the appearance of a deep blue sky, with a white sun and moon at the center, surrounded by colorful designs that signify prosperity. This is one of the most popular tattoo designs in Japan as it looks beautiful and unique.

Sakura Blossom Tattoos for Men

The Sakura Blossom tattoo is a popular design for the male body. This design consists of cherry blossoms and branches that can be found in Japan. The leaves are often in shades of green, though sometimes they will appear in shades of pink or red as well. The branches are thin, with small flowers on them. If you’re looking for a Japanese tattoo for men that is both feminine and masculine at the same time, this is one of the best designs for you!

Dragonfly and Neko Kitty Tattoos for Men

Both of these designs are very popular among Japanese men. They’re both beautiful in their own right, but also quite different. The Dragonfly tattoo is a colorful piece that features several black and yellow elements filling the center of the design. The wings of the dragonfly trail down the wearer’s arm, while its tail and back end up on his wrist. The design is mostly symmetrical, making it a great option for an armband, back piece or sleeve tattoo. The Neko Kitty design is symmetrical as well and features two black cats with red eyes, chasing each other around the wearer’s forearm or bicep. The tails of both cats end up on the wearer’s thumb and forefinger to form a pawing motion between them.


There are many different types of Japanese tattoos for men, and it can be difficult to decide which designs to choose. And Japanese tattoos for non-men are also popular for those who want to show their heritage. In this article, you will learn about the traditional Japanese tattoos for men, the meaningful tattoos for men, and the best Japanese tattoos for men in Japan.

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