A memorial tattoo is one that pays tribute to a loved one who has passed away. This type of tattoo is a way to keep in touch with the loved one who has died and continues to be close to them. There are many options for memorial tattoos. You can have them in different sizes and styles, or they may reflect something unique or distinctive about the person to whom the tattoo is dedicated.

The stigma surrounding memorial tattoos persists. Many people think it is strange to have a memorial tattoo in honor of a loved one. Some people believe that memorial tattoos only perpetuate the grief and pain of losing a loved one.

Opal Lotus Tattoo Studio offers tattoos that show that memorial tattoos can be a lasting and meaningful way to connect with the person who has died. A memorial tattoo can help to provide comfort and peace, as well as a sense of security and protection.

No matter what you think about memorial tattoos. One thing is certain: they are a creative and beautiful way to keep the memory of a loved person alive.

Why are memorial tattoos so popular?

The psychology behind memorial tattoos was the subject of research that sought to answer the question of why people choose to have them. The research revealed:

  • These are the reasons people get memorial tattoos:
  • To remember the loved ones or to honor them
  • To pay respect and honor the loved ones who have died or are no longer with us
  • To establish a lasting connection with the deceased
  • To accept and heal from the past
  • To get rid of the sadness and numbness.
  • To replace emotional pain by physical pain
  • To regain control of your life
  • A constant reminder of your mortality

How do memorial tattoos look like?

These memorial tattoos are original and honor the memory of a loved one by depicting them or something similar.

Most memorial tattoos are done in traditional portrait style. Sometimes they feature flowers (roses), birthstones or symbolic marks such as angel wings, a zodiac sign or date of birth and/or death.

Italic lettering is another characteristic of a memorial tattoo. Italic lettering signifies that the tattoo is a tribute to the deceased and can be used as a reminder. Sometimes, the tattoo may be accompanied by an emotional message or insignia.

Most memorial tattoos are medium-sized. You can have a simple or complex design. They can also come in black/grey, or color. You can choose from a variety of designs, including traditional or unique. The person who gets the tattoo will decide what type of message or memory they wish to convey.

Can memorial tattoos depict animals?

They can, of course! They can! Pet memorial tattoos are a wonderful way to honor and pay tribute to an animal we loved or lost. It’s heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. For some, it feels like losing a friend. To keep the memory alive, you can get a pet memorial tattoo.

Many pet memorial tattoos depict pets, their names, and possibly the date of their death. You can add messages, inscriptions or choose a design with angel wings.

A paw print can be used as a memorial tattoo. We’ve seen pet owners use their pets’ favorite toys as inspiration for design ideas, which we think are very special. Each pet has their own favorite thing, so the tattoo will be unique.

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