Meanings of floral tattoos

One of the greatest things about flower tattoos can be that they can have very specific meanings depending on the kind of flower. That’s a huge number considering that there are over hundreds of thousands of varieties of flowering plants. Below are a variety of floral tattoo meanings.

Opal Lotus’ Favorite, The Lotus flower tattoo

We’ve highlighted these meanings below for the lotus blossom:

Blue lotus tattoo

The blue lotus signifies the triumph of mind over matter or spirituality, or over any impulse or compulsion.

Pink lotus tattoo

This is the flower also known as Buddha’s Lotus. It can be seen as a symbol for Buddhism.

Purple lotus tattoo

The purple lotus symbolizes the reverence for Buddhist deities and a mystical outlook on religion.

Red lotus Tattoo

Commonly known by the name “heart lotus”, the red lotus represents the original state and essence of the heart. It is also known for its symbolism of love, compassion, and passion.

White lotus tattoo

The white lotus flower, with its roots in Eastern culture is symbolic of spiritual enlightenment.

Rose flower tattoo

Red color rose tattoo

The American symbol of love, beauty and romance is the red rose tattoo. It could also signify hope and new starts.

White rose tattoo

White roses are like other white flowers. They represent purity, innocence, silence, and peace.

Yellow rose tattoo

A yellow rose tattoo could be a sign of new beginnings, joy, and friendship

It might surprise you to know that the red rose is only a small selection of rose colors. The meanings of rose colors are listed below.

Coral color rose tattoo

The coral rose is a symbol for friendship, modesty, love, and sympathy

Lavender color rose Tattoo

A lavender rose represents love at first sight

Orange color rose tattoo

Orange rose tattoos symbolize passion and desire

Pink color rose tattoo

Pink roses represent grace and happiness.

Cherry blossom flower tattoo

The Japanese style of tattoos that feature the cherry blossom are very common. They symbolize empathy and a love for the fleeting. These flowers remind us of our mortality by their fragile beauty, which fades quickly.

Chrysanthemum flower tattoo

This flower, which blooms during autumn, is thought to symbolize the transition between life and death. It is also associated with royalty and perfection.

Daffodil flower tattoo

The daffodil, which is a mild yellow flower, represents virtues such truthfulness, honesty, faith, forgiveness, and truth.

Acacia flower tattoo

It comes in two colors, red and white. This unique plant represents both life and immortality. It is also used to symbolize love and friendship.

Amaryllis Flower Tattoo

This bulbous red flower symbolizes hope and success in times of struggle.

Tattoos with flowers from Bells of Ireland

These bell-shaped, green bell-shaped plants are a popular symbol in Ireland for good luck.

Camellia flower tattoo

The powerful symbol of passion, passion and perfection is the flower tattoo. It can also symbolize longing.

Dahlia flower tattoo

A vibrant, spicy flower, the dahlia can represent change or betrayal.

Daisy flower tattoo

The daisy’s opening and closing times coincide with the sun rising and setting. It was named for the expression, “days eye”, and has been associated since long with modesty as well as simplicity. Different meanings can be given to daisies as well as other flower breeds depending on their flower petals. Here are some examples:

Blue daisy tattoo

These flowers can be used to express one’s emotions or sentiments.

Red daisy tattoo

The red daisy is a symbol for boldness as well as youthful energy.

White daisy Tattoo

White daisy tattoos are a sign of innocence

Yellow daisy ink

Yellow daisy tattoos symbolize intelligence and cheer

Dogwood flower tattoo

Like the tree refusing to lend its wood to construct Jesus’ cross, the dogwood flower represents empathy and pity. It also symbolizes unconditional love, or a love that can overcome adversity.

Hibiscus flower tattoo

The hibiscus flower is a sign of gentleness in Japan and royalty, power, and respect in Hawaii.

Iris flower tattoo

The three petals that make up the iris are a symbol of faith, valor, and wisdom.

Lily flower tattoo

This tattoo design is a classic representation of femininity.

Ink a Magnolia flower tattoo

The magnolia, an elegant flower with a distinct appearance, is a popular symbol of love of beauty, life, and nature.

Orchid flower tattoo

The orchid is a common symbol for bravery in Japan. It represents fertility and prosperity in china.

Peony flower tattoo

The peony, known as Japan’s King of Flowers, is a symbol of elegance and wealth.

Poppy flower tattoo

This red flower is in honor of the fallen soldiers and symbolizes eternal rest. The poem, “Flanders field”, features the poppy.

Carnation tattoo

Carnations with their bright colors and soft, flowers are often used to signify admiration.

Dandelion tattoo

Dandelions are widely known for their many-petaled bright yellow flowers and delicate white fuzzy seeds.

Gardenia tattoo

The pure white Gardenia is one the most popular and desired flowers. It stands out for purity of spirit, gentleness, trust, and respect.

Heather tattoo

Heather is not only common as a name for women but also a hardy purple flower that can withstand extreme cold. Therefore, it represents concepts such as protection, good fortune, and independence.

Geranium Tattoo

Geraniums – a bright flower it is almost hard to believe – are a symbol that friendship, intelligence, and positive energy. It makes a wonderful tattoo for the optimists.

Sunflower tattoo

Due to its similarity with the sun, the ancient Incas culture used the sunflower to honor the sun god. This tattoo design represents warmth, happiness, and creation.

 Tattoo with tulip flowers

The delicate and vibrantly colored tulip is a symbol of both good fortune and guilty pleasures.

Acacia tattoo

The native Australian, yellow-colored puffball flower symbolizes true, pure, and honest love.

Anemone Tattoo

This deep, reddish, or blue-colored flower represents forsaken affection, anticipation, and fragility as well as beauty, grace, and protection from the evils.

Azalea tattoo

This stunning flower ranges in color between a soft pink and a vibrant magenta. It symbolizes femininity.

Begonia tattoo

Begonias, a tropical tree that comes in stunning colors of red, yellow, and pink, are thought to represent uniqueness.

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