American Traditional tattoos are a style that has been in fashion for decades. It is known for its bold appearance. This style is characterized by strong black outlines and limited color options of red, greens, yellows, and blue. These pieces have a distinct look and are inspired from many themes including animal and nautical designs. For a celebration of the female form, you could opt for pinups or dive girl inkings. Or you can show your love of the sea by creating swallow artwork. This is a great way to instill fear and pride in your patriotism.  Sailors have been getting tattoos for centuries. The most traditional American ship tattoos are the anchor, the ship’s wheel, the nautical star, and the mermaid.

Traditional Tattoo Variations

The Swallow

The swallow tattoo can be in strict black and white, or it could be inked in different shades of blue and green. The swallow is a powerful bird, and a powerful tattoo. A swallow tattoo is a beautiful tattoo that is often worn by sailors to signify the time they have spent at sea. It is also a tattoo that is worn by those who have been in prison to signify that they have been released.

The Anchor Tattoo

The anchor is a tattoo that’s been around for a long time. It’s a symbol of stability, and was often used by sailors to represent home. It’s often used today to represent the Navy.

The Traditional American Dragon Tattoo

The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. It also represents wisdom, knowledge, and wealth. The dragon is a popular tattoo for those who want to show their strength. 

The Shark Tattoo

The traditional shark tattoo is a symbol of protection. It is often used to show that the wearer is being protected by a guardian angel.  It also represents standing your ground and defending yourself.

The Traditional Skull Tattoo

The American traditional skull tattoo meaning is a symbol of rebellion. It is a reminder of mortality and the inevitability of death. The skull has no gender, race, or religious affiliation.

The Snake Tattoo

The American traditional snake tattoo meaning is typically the snake as a symbol of wisdom. The snake is a symbol of wisdom because it sheds its skin to grow.  It’s typically tattooed in a cocked back position to represent that it’s ready to fight.

Pin Up Girl Tattoo

A lot of people get pin up girl tattoos because they are attractive and they remind them of the good times in their life.

Traditional Heart Tattoos

The American traditional heart tattoos are one of the most popular designs for tattoos. This design is usually done in black and red colors. It’s a symbol of love and universally understood.

Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical stars are often seen on the chests of sailors, which is where they got their name. The nautical star is a symbol of guidance, and also a symbol of hope.

Ship Tattoos

Sailors typically had these back in the day to represent cruising through life.  It’s still a popular tattoo nowadays that is worn with pride with Military branches. 

Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos were a common choice for sailors. The rose, which has a feminine connotation would represent the women they have left behind and be loved by. It could be their mother, spouse, or lover.

The rose, a symbol of Aphrodite in Greek mythology, is reflected in this tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo

The beauty of the butterfly is an obvious choice for traditional tattoo designs. Traditional tattoo designs are often inspired largely by nature. It’s not only their beauty that makes them special but also the symbolism of their transformation. This tattoo can show that a person is able to metamorphose from a caterpillar to a cocoon into a butterfly, and it can also be a sign of someone finding their voice and being open-minded.

A butterfly tattoo can also represent a fresh start, and being free of any troubled relationship or mindset.

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