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Hi! My name is Janice, I am owner and head artist at Opal Lotus Tattoo & Piercing. Located in the Houston, TX area.  

I think people notice my passion for art and pursuit of my career as an artist. I really appreciate that, and I’ll always be grateful.

Sometimes I reflect on how I’ve made it this far and I’m instantly reminded of all the influence I’ve received from others. I’m talking about the people who took the time to share their knowledge with me. There has been a broad spectrum of people, from tattoo mentors to fitness instructor to kindergarten teacher who have offered encouragement and grains of knowledge throughout my life.

In this instance I’d like to address and pay homage to the teachers and faculty of US public and private school districts. You guys are the MVP’s of ambition and passion. I know you’ve got to really love what you do to be a teacher. The energy you put into educating, nurturing and growing the minds of our youth is priceless. I don’t think you are all taken care of enough.

I have a pretty long list of clients who teach and I get hear about what you all go through. One thing I’m happy to witness is the growing acceptance of tattooed teachers in the class room. Just as a lot of regulations have been lightened for the Police force, fire departments along with parts of corporate America. I feel this is great time for self expression and the people who have a positive influence in our community.

In an effort to say, “thank you!” to the educators and staff of our schools I’d like to offer two teachers or faculty members a free tattoo of their choice. This can be any tattoo they choose custom designed by myself, color, black and grey or linework for up to a 4 hour session (between palm or hand size). The tattoos will be scheduled for Wednesday December 28th 2022. Raffle winners will be announced Sunday, November 27th at 1pm. This is for new projects only.

Teachers and faculty can enter by email to:

Subject line:
Teacher Giveaway

Body of email:
Your name
Phone Number
Job position (example: 2nd grade teacher)

Must have a valid School ID
Be prepared to send a photo of this if you win

Entry is free so if you come across any social media accounts asking for money please do not send it, it’s a scam account.

One entry per person.

Thank you and good luck!

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We accept walk in appointments Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 7pm

Make your teacher feel special with a one-of-a-kind tattoo they’ll love – enter to win today at Opal Lotus Katy! Show your appreciation by giving the gift of a custom tattoo that celebrates their hard work and dedication. Enter now before the contest ends and you could be the winner of an amazing new ink piece for your beloved teacher!

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